Board Members:

Paal Nordvi is a Norwegian entrepreneur who started his career by importing American-made products to Norway. One product he represented was Barbasol Shaving Cream.  Pioneer/first mover in mobile location technology in Scandinavia through the company started in collaboration with TV2 in 2004. Paal worked at American Express Corporate in Stockholm from 2018 until he left to run his own Company called Stream TV in 2019.  Paal is an accomplished actor and has several films and commercials under his belt.

Anders Raft is a Multi-skilled manager with a competitive focus, high-quality ambition, and proven success in B2B and online B2C environments. Solid experience in marketing, e-commerce, and project management. Significant management experience in start-ups and SMEs and strong capabilities in communication-related activities for all primary stakeholders. Flair for identifying and implementing simple solutions to complex problems with a hands-on, lead-by example style, which fosters a culture of teamwork, shared mission and a dedication to excellence.


Firas Alturk is a licensed pharmacist with extended experience in pharmaceutical production. He is formerly a Quality Assurance Specialist at Gro-Lys in Denmark, and in 2017 served as a Researcher in Nanomedicine Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Firas’ broad knowledge of nanomedicine project design, GMP quality requirements, and SOP writing make him a valued addition to our growing team of industry professionals.

Leo Jensen is in charge of coordinating sales throughout Europe with a special focus on Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain.  Leo has worked in this field for a decade and has long experience in every aspect of the business.

Thomas Walde-Jensen is an Electronics Engineer by trade with over 20 years of experience in engineering and as a grower. He has been employed by or consulted for several North American cannabis companies and has been an expert judge at various “cannabis cup” competitions for the last 15 years. Thomas was also responsible for electronic development for the build-out of the new Carlsberg plant in Denmark. Before this Thomas developed Medical Electronics like Defibrillators, Pacemakers, Patient Surveillance monitors, and hearing aids. He is a considerable asset for both his agricultural talents, experience with plant design, operations, and optimizing, and for his general technical knowledge.

Søren Hansen is a trained locksmith by trade, with more than 20 years of experience in this field. He quickly rose to the point of supervisor and has gained a vast knowledge of different security systems, and implementations.

Søren also has experience with risk assessment and evaluation, plus knowledge of security protocol implementations.



Mr. Serafini is a former firefighter/medic and pioneer in the medical cannabis and CBD industries. Since 2014,Andrew has co-founded and launched several CBD companies and brands focusing on the importance of widespread education for patients and medical professionals alike while producing medically-geared CBD and adaptogen-based products for the management of acute and chronic illnesses.

Educating and training physicians/licensed professionals in the US and Brazil on the functional and clinical uses of cannabinoids, Andrew has a unique skillset with deep experience with the business of cannabinoids, but concurrently understanding the medical uses for cannabinoids across a number of disparaging diseases. Holding a Cannabis Science and Medicine Certificate from The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine, University of Vermont; Professional Certificates from The Medical Cannabis Institute in Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine; a graduate of the Green Flower Media Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate Program; and Foundation of Cannabinoid Medicine Program Certificate from The Advent Academy, Mr. Serafini has alongside many of the brightest researchers and medical practitioners in Integrative and Cannabis Medicine. Mr. Serafini is currently enrolled in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy at the Institute of Functional Medicine, the international gold standard in health coach training.

Serafini serves as the Chief of Education for Global Health Brands, makers of CYTOGEN Medicinal Cannabidiol Products approved by ANVISA Health Regulatory Agency, Brazilian Ministry of Health. CYTOGEN is written by doctor’s prescription for the treatment of ten health conditions in Brazil including epilepsy (Dravet and Lennox Gastaut), Alzheimer’s Disease, arthritis, chronic pain, MS, fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Disease, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Parkinson’s Disease and mental health ailments.